Food Truck Commissary

Be a part of the new CO-OP SA and find all of the resources you could ever want or need for your food truck business, including a professional support system unlike anything else in San Antonio.
Food Truck  Commissary
FEE: $250/Month plus Electricity
We offer a gated and monitored space to accommodate all of your commissary needs, including dumping gray water and oil, as well as composting.
What’s Included:
  • Home Base Park & Plug-In
  • Notarized Commissary Letter
  • Gray Water/Grease Dumping (Oil is recycled to be used for bio-diesel fuel)
  • Composting (All compost waste goes to Green Bexar Farm)
  • H2O Access
  • 220V Electric Plug-Ins
  • Camera Surveillance (accessible via your phone)
  • Commercial Dishwasher
  • Three-Compartment Sink
  • Business Mailbox
  • Rentable Dry Storage Space
  • Rentable Cooler Space
  • Rentable Office Space (electricity, water, WIFI and A/C included)
  • Discount on use of CO-OP Kitchen (link)
  • Access to Ghost Kitchen (link) – Weekly Sales Opportunity
Food Truck Commissary Letter                                        
Fee: $150/Year
The CO-OP SA can accommodate food trucks which require a commissary letter specifying a proper facility for water fill-up and dumping gray water and grease. This includes:
  • Commissary Letter (notarized)
  • H2O Access
  • Gray Water/Grease Dumping
*We follow San Antonio mobile vending requirements.