Our Team

Meet the Small Businesses Who Have Joined Our Mission!

Whether you’re a chef or the visionary of an artisan food company, this professional space is ideal for food/product photo and video shoots or for filming live or pre-recorded content.

Moon Art Space has 3 individual workspaces, including an infinity wall, allowing 3 different companies to work simultaneously. The entire space is also available for rent.

Deep River Specialty Foods began making award winning Barbecue Sauces, Gourmet Mustard, Pepper Jams, and Boozy Jams in 2013. As a local small business, they started out using family recipes handed down through generations. By 2016 they had grown enough to build out their own production facility. In 2018 they were a finalist in HEB's Quest for Texas Best.


The Beignet Stand, a collaboration between Chef Michael Grimes and Elisa Trevino, brings carnival-style beignets to new heights by fusing with new styles, flavors and influences from their diverse culinary background.


Quali-Tees offers screen printing and embroidery services for any apparel and clothing. They specialize in custom apparel, from company t-shirts to team uniforms. Rest assured their designers and in-house printing staff will tailor an unbelievable original look.


Texas Black Gold Garlic is made from Texas-grown garlic - from their farms to your table. The rich, black cloves of Texas Black Gold Garlic are created from white garlic, grown right here in Texas, thanks to the local farmers they work closely with. The company donates 5% of all proceeds to the Chef Cooperatives initiative, a group of chefs who host and create quarterly farm-to-table dinners to benefit local Texas farmers – one farm at a time!


Pharma from the Farm makes being healthy easy with black garlic in capsule form. Throughout history, garlic has been used for an endless number of maladies. Additionally, it powerfully supports healthy blood sugar, improves blood circulation and much more, making this product truly unlike anything else on the market.


Special Leaf is a line of specialty ready-to-drink artisanal teas made from the leaves of olive trees that are (largely) sourced locally and craft-brewed with love by Chief Tea Brewer, Chef Chris Cook. They use minimal, all-natural and high-quality ingredients with an array of significant health benefits, including massive antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chef Cooperatives is a national nonprofit organization comprised of chefs who passionately support the farm-to-table movement by raising funds through pop-ups for our community farms and ranches. Not only do they host events and pop-up dinners, but they volunteer for other influential nonprofit groups and provide an integral network for our cities to call upon in times of need and national disasters.


Kitchen at the Co-Op - is a women owned and run shared/commissary kitchen offering 3 stations each with stainless steel prep tables, storage space, access to refrigeration and freezer space during kitchen rental which can be rented individually or all-together.

DJAAMS is a national nonprofit organization comprised of chefs who passionately support the farm-to-table movement by raising funds through pop-ups for our community farms and ranches. Not only do they host events and pop-up dinners, but they volunteer for other influential nonprofit groups and provide an integral network for our cities to call upon in times of need and national disasters.


Mouth-watering dip sandwiches served with homemade au jus and fresh-made, thin & crispy Idaho potato chips. Dip Shack is an original concept, first offered at Northeast Ohio’s famous Cowboy Food & Drink. While new, the idea of Dips & Chips was years in the making.


Hüftgold is a German food trailer that will service San Antonio and the surrounding area. We offer the classics like Schnitzel, Wursts, and Pretzels along with some new adaptations and regional specialties from my personal experiences growing up in Kansas and attending Culinary School and working under award winning chefs in Portland, Oregon. 


3 Beans Coffee Co.

We pride ourselves on providing a great cup of coffee or tea paired with fantastic, friendly service. We work with a local roaster to provide the freshest, highest quality offerings. Our cozy, inviting dining area offers the perfect environment to enjoy your drink and treats. Feel free to enjoy our outside seating areas during the warmer months.


Everything and the Kitchen Sink is a women owned and run Pre-Loved and new commercial kitchen, food truck, retail food and beverage equipment finder and seller. 


Rebel Food Provisions Has Researched And Sampled What They Felt Was “The Best” Beef, Pork And Poultry Out There. And Put Together A Curated List Of Superior Programs From Ranches And Farms Located In Texas And Beyond .
They Strive To Only Bring The Highest Quality Meats Directly To You And Your Favorite Restaurants.

The Get Iced concept was created by Corey & Brea Whitfield. They have always wanted to open a food trailer that served something cold. The first idea was shaved ice. While doing research for shaved ice machines, they stumbled across a Water Ice video. It was something that they’ve never heard of and it made them very curious. Water Ice is very popular in the North East, especially Philadelphia. 

Within weeks after discovering Water Ice online, Corey went to Philadelphia to experience the hype. He was blowed away by the taste, texture, flavors, and just the overall experience. People stood in lines for blocks to get Water Ice. Corey & Brea knew that Water Ice would be a good business in San Antonio, TX. It’s always hot, and people are always looking to cool down. That’s how Get Iced was born. 

Corey & Brea tried different ices all over the North East. One company really stood out. They’re the Water Ice pioneers in Philadelphia and have been serving Water Ice for over 50 years. They teamed up with Get Iced to distribute Water Ice to the San Antonio area. They provided education on keeping the ice perfect for the customers. So when you come to Get Iced, you’re getting some of the best Water Ice in the country. 


 truck is more than just a place to grab a great meal. It is a place to try out new dishes created by our chef from local fresh ingredients. You will recognize some items as classics, other items may seem off the wall but we promise once you try them you will be hooked.


Laika prides themselves in using the finest ingredients to create products that are truly out of this world. By pairing original recipes with creative presentations, they aim to bring you a product that is beyond the standard idea of a cheesecake. They also have a catering team that will create you a large cheesecake for your birthday, wedding, baby showers, holidays & tons more!


Be Happy Meals- Healthy Meals Delivered to your Home or Office. With Be Happy Meals Chef’s selections option you will receive a DIFFERENT VARIETY of meals week after week. Be Happy introduces new fresh and flavorful healthy meals that their clients can look forward to trying! Be Happy's goal is to keep healthy eating fun and help you maintain balance with your meals to compliment your lifestyle


Known for its chicken and waffle offerings, this local food truck keeps it real with a variety of flavor options. No matter what kind of sweetness you’re in the mood for, there’s something for everyone. Taste your way through the menu, which includes “Cinna Monster,” Reese’s Pieces, and “Cookie Monster.”