Small Business Owners That Have Joined Our Mission

The Creative Mango specialize in branding, graphic design, web design and other things on the creative spectrum. They are a highly creative team where every client works directly with the creatives, not an account executive. This ensures that the goals are met more efficiently and with less back and forth.


Deep River Specialty Foods began making award winning Barbecue Sauces, Gourmet Mustard, Pepper Jams, and Boozy Jams in 2013. As a local small business, they started out using family recipes handed down through generations. By 2016 they had grown enough to build out their own production facility. In 2018 they were a finalist in HEB's Quest for Texas Best.

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The Beignet Stand, a collaboration between Chef Michael Grimes and Elisa Trevino, brings carnival-style beignets to new heights by fusing with new styles, flavors and influences from their diverse culinary background.


Quali-Tees offers screen printing and embroidery services for any apparel and clothing. They specialize in custom apparel, from company t-shirts to team uniforms. Rest assured their designers and in-house printing staff will tailor-make an unbelievable original look.


Texas Black Gold Garlic is made from Texas-grown garlic - from their farms to your table. The rich, black cloves of Texas Black Gold Garlic are created from white garlic, grown right here in Texas, thanks to the local farmers they work closely with. The company donates 5% of all proceeds to the Chef Cooperatives initiative, a group of chefs who host and create quarterly farm-to-table dinners to benefit local Texas farmers – one farm at a time!

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Pharma from the Farm makes being healthy easy with black garlic in capsule form. Throughout history, garlic has been used for an endless number of maladies. Now, black garlic raises the bar. It has more than quadruple the antioxidants of raw garlic (Jang et al., 2008) and contains S-allyl cysteine (SAC), which is reported to support healthy cell regeneration, immune system function and bacteria balance. Additionally, it powerfully supports healthy blood sugar, improves blood circulation and much more, making this product truly unlike anything else on the market.

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Chef Cooperatives is a national nonprofit organization comprised of chefs who passionately support the farm-to-table movement by raising funds through pop-ups for our community farms and ranches. Not only do they host events and pop-up dinners, but they volunteer for other influential nonprofit groups and provide an integral network for our cities to call upon in times of need and national disasters.

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Special Leaf is a line of specialty ready-to-drink artisanal teas made from the leaves of olive trees that are (largely) sourced locally and craft-brewed with love by Chief Tea Brewer, Chef Chris Cook. They use minimal, all-natural and high-quality ingredients with an array of significant health benefits, including massive antioxidant power and anti-inflammatory properties.


ILOVEACEITE US is a Spanish Olive Oil, Wine and Food company headquartered in San Antonio.


Ancient Heirloom Grains is a family-owned company consisting of father-daughter team, Chef Paul Morales and Chef Angelica Morales. They import Non-GMO, single origin heirloom corn from Oaxaca, Mexico. They offer 100% fresh Nixtamal, stone ground, hand-pressed corn tortillas (wholesale and retail), as well as corn in various forms (dried, masa,cornmeal, grits and instant tortilla mix). They also offer other Non-GMO heirloom products, such as dried beans & hibiscus flowers. 

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